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HI!  WE'RE BINDI AND PEARL, two sisters: one mad about Yoga, and the other mad about Fashion.
 On many occasions, our two passions spill over into each other, and that's how Yogi & Co. was born.

Our dream is to start a community of like-minded yoginistas, bent (pun unintended) on looking good while sweating it out on the yoga mat.   And give back to society every now and then, whenever we can.
To stock up on the fab goods, we scout out budding labels from all over the world; labels with a dynamism and cutting edge style (Bindi has an eagle eye on these things).  Then we research, we sample, we try and wear it out (Pearl is a yoga teacher, so she is permanently in yoga gear), we think and think about it, and then we decide if it passes QC at Yogi & Co.

SPREADING THE LOVE FOR YOGA is pretty high on our agenda.  So our pieces are fab, profit margins low, and shipping is a flat rate.  We want going to yoga classes to be in hop-skip-and-jump-for-joy fashion.  We want stepping on to your yoga mat to be a coming-home experience.  We want this experience to be a seamless one as you translate your lessons on the mat to off the mat, and into your daily doings.

GIVING BACK is another must-do at Yogi & Co.  Our long-term goal is to set up physical shop, and be able to host various activities aimed at giving back.  Currently, Pearl volunteers at Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, where she gives yoga lessons to the participants of their Holisitc Training Programme.  These individuals are ex-offenders and/or come from marginalised backgrounds.  They are refered to Bettr Barista by social welfare officers.  


The training lasts 6 months, where participants learn barista skills to prepare them for a fresh headstart at a new career.  They also receive counselling and learn basic finance, as well as undergo physical training through outdoor sports.  Yoga is two hours, once a week, and includes meditation and pranayama, to train their focus and allow them to further discover their strengths and potentials, both mentally and physically.  They are also some of the most inspiring students Pearl has ever had the honour to have.  Namaste!


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